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Planet Roanoke Work Space

This is the project management space for the Planet Roanoke Civ4 Mod. For more on this project, see this thread on the CivFanatics discussion forum.

This space is certainly not ideal for managing a project when compared with Sourceforge, but hopefully it will be "good enough," and suggestions for upgrading are welcome.

Please REGISTER your account, and I will add you to the list of users who can upload files at right. Please use the file upload space for mod assets rather than, say, email, as this helps all of us figure out who is working on what.

Latest Mod Versions

Title Date Submitted Submitted By
0.161 -- patch "A" 7/7/2006 11:53 pm Padmewan
0.161 -- TERRAFORMING (better documented) 7/7/2006 3:30 am Padmewan
016 'Patch C' 7/3/2006 12:47 pm Jenks

Discussion space for Planet Roanoke

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[Mod version] Bug title

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To-Do List

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  1. Background (reason for the task)
  2. Proposal
  3. Estimated time of arrival
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Storyline, Flavor, Text
boobs by boobs 9/19/2007 @ 3:20 am

Mod Pak Extras

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File Exchange

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File Description Date Uploaded
Zeppelin Transport  ·  rar/6kB Correct version to allow zeppelins to carry salvage. 7/8/2006
buttonsnthings  ·  zip/654kB My newest batch of gfx work - inc. are hover icons, buttons, new fonts 7/6/2006
Terrain, Feature, Improvement, Terraform proposal  ·  xls/56kB Newest Version - proposal for next update 7/7/2006
Updated Python -- random Pulse placement  ·  rar/50kB Replace your Python directory with the contents of this file 7/4/2006
Newest DLL  ·  dll/5MB See SDK Changelog 7/1/2006
Roanoke "Snaky Pangaea" Map  ·  py/5kB This is the map script I've been using -- one bonus is, no lakes 6/30/2006
new tech file (reduced tech costs)  ·  rar/2kB new tech file (reduced tech costs) 6/27/2006
27 June, files changed since 015A 'patch b'  ·  exe/72kB files changed since 015A 'patch b' (27/06/06) 6/27/2006
Leaders, Factions, Traits 2  ·  rar/41kB Several changes all around 6/26/2006