On the front lines of the War on Chinese New Year

In recent years, the global media have replaced "Chinese New Year" with the bland, politically correct term "Lunar New Year" to mollify the Japanese and other barbarian races who also observe the New Year on a lunar calendar (never mind the White Devils who insist on measuring time using solar power). This WOC (War on ChineseNewYear's) is part of the anti-sinetic agenda that is undermining the Chinese values on which all civilization is based. Soon, cornerstones of society such as ancestor worship and pork-fried rice will be driven out of the public sphere.

"Lunar" New Year stamps

The US Post Office issued its attack on Chinese New Year in 2005 with its "Lunar New Year Souvenir Sheet." The first mention of the Chinese is buried deep in their press release, and only in conjunction with Chinese "fable."

Even the pinko Canadians hedge their bets with "Chinese Lunar New Year."

Official observations

Political correctness has infected Chinatown itself, and there's no better evidence of that than the official Explore Chinatown NYC website that promotes "Lunar New Year 2006." The "About Lunar New Year" blurb gives as an alternative name the even more innocuous "Spring Festival," but not once calls the event by its proper appellation.

So, let's not forget the Chinese, folks -- "They're the reason for the season!"