Chinese Love Their Dogs, Too!

Sting once sang that Russians love their children too, and so it is that Chinese love their dogs... deep fried!

I kid, I kid! As these images attest, the Chinese have their own dog breeds, just like any God-fearing race on this planet. In fact, legend has it that the Confucian respect for elders has led to a cultural preference for wrinkled dogs, while Buddhist influences promote the close-shaved look.


It's a dog-eat-dog world

OK, so it's not entirely true that no Chinese eat dogs. But, being man's best friend, it would be hard to be sure that a dog wouldn't want to be eaten, if the result would be nutritious for the eater. In any event, the specimen displayed at right seems more appropriate for a game of Ultimate than the main dish at the company picnic.

blue willow dog dish

In the ultimate irony, dog meat is traditionally served on blue willow dishes portraying the dog being served.