Chinese New Year

We're gonna party like it's 4703!

The AMD Abacus64

The Chinese are rounding up on the Year 4703. That's 2698 more than in the Western calendar, though the Jews keep a perennial lead (by definition!) at 5765.

Unlike Western computers and their "Year 2000" problem, Chinese abacuses are safe from the dreaded "Year 4703" problem.

The Chinese Zodiac

As every Chinese restaurant placemat knows, twelve animals comprise the Chinese zodiac. But unlike the Greek zodiac, each animal corresponds to a year rather than a month. This fact has blown the mind of every FRPG nerd who's ever had takeout Chinese.

the Chinese zodiac...

...the Greek zodiac


Implications of zodiac hybridization

Imagine the possibilities of combining both zodiacs... there would be a total of 144 signs in all! No longer is someone born in August 1975 relegated to being a one-dimensional "Leo"... his arrogant, self-centered nature is suddenly tempered by the subtle, compassionate ways of the Rabbit.

Behold the power of multiculturalism

monkey fish

The monkey-fish is the sign of all who are born in March, 1992.

weighing the pig

Pig-Libras are SOL.