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"The Sanctity of Marriage"

Segments from episode 261 of This American Life.

File Description Date Uploaded
I want to be a statistic  ·  mp3/983kB Starlee Kine gets answers about her parents marriage from her dad ... after a lifetime of mystery. She and her sister had wanted her parents to divorce since they were little. 7/3/2004
Prologue  ·  mp3/2MB Ira visits Kassie Hannah's Adult Living class at Rock Island High School in Rock Island, Illinois, where they stage a mock wedding each year as part of the curriculum. 7/3/2004
What Really Happens in Marriage  ·  mp3/9MB Ira visits marital researcher John Gottman, who's part of a generation of researchers that have revolutionized the way we see marriage by observing successful and unsuccessful marriages and trying to figure out what the successful happy ones are doing tha 7/3/2004