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0.161 Full notes, comments on salvage

complete notes from playing 0.161 :

1) cosmetic - new icons req'd for health (green cross), happy and unhappy (drones and talents)

2) balance - gaians need the free agribot & civ eng issue fixing ... SUGGESTION free start tech for Gaians changing from Improve_1 (Roanoke Ecology) to Food_1 (Biosynthesis)
additional notes:

3) concept - health of co2, disappears when the co2 turns to gas. SUGGESTION not give the resource a health bonus in the first place

4) concept - aerator on co2 gives a Whopper (up to 5 on cold hills) of a food bonus, but disappears when the co2 turns to gas. SUGGESTION aerator improvement doesnt really need the whopper bonus in the first place imo

... with these two removal points i suppose we have to be careful in ensuring that AI still wants to build an Aerator ...

5) cosmetic - energy credits icon. Appears as an energy bolt except when you look in the individul entries in the civilopedia

6) cosmetic - SUGGESTION 'Very Cold' terrain could be 'Freezing'

7) concept - we still have defensive % bonus bugs, possibly related to culture / border expansion

8) cosmetic - im still getting 'flashing lattice' :(

9) concept - happinesss is easy to come by early in game, so the biosynth -ve happiness has little effect. SUGGESTION in handicapinfo, drop base happiness for all cities by 1

10) cosmetic - the building buttons come up pink and blobby (when just completed in a base)

11) balance / concept - Cold terrain (1,1,0) is too easy to yank up food on, or too valuable generally. SUGGESTION on the terrain 'temperature tree' to be (with values):
Freezing (0,1,0) > Cold (0,1,0) > Tundra (1,1,0) > Temperate (2,1,0) > Tropical (1,0,1) > Hellish (0,0,1) This ought to help all factions get equal footings with the first base site

12) balance - LS Human building gives +1 health for CO2 and NH3, its not a brilliant building considering CO2 disappears ! individual Building needs a rethink imo

13) cosmetic - Setup a hothouse (agribots function) has the same button as farm, this will soon be confusing!

14) balance - Scrap Recycling (production_1) tech is not valuable enough compared with others in Era I Tier I. that and the Human Psych tech (control_1 , also needs something else adding - a civic?) are normally put off for me till later on, SUGGESTION 'mines' come too late and could be knocked back one tech to make Scrap Recycling (not thinking in terms of tech name flavours yet)

15) cosmetic - Wreckage is too hard to see when it is in lattice (although a blue circle helps to highlight it if you have a zep/probe). New Gfx required 'lifting' wreckage a bit higher perhaps?

16) balance - Network Backbone building has little value at this stage in Era I. SUGGESTION (similar to my other suggestions for modding the salvage buildings see 14th post in this thread ) giving it a +1 research bonus if the Mayflower research building is in base?

161) Comments On Salvage: (:p)

doh! The main reason for making 5 independant ones is so the AI deals with them better, as it only seems capable of dealing with 'build type' units in the first way it sees!

I have re-tested these by using worldbuilder to give the AI cities about 30 local wreckages each, then seeing what happens after about 20 turns ... they pick up the wreckage, take it back to base, and AI successfully builds salvage buildings for 3: the Energy Storage, Radio Station and Training Facilities.
For some reason it hoardes 2 of the Salvage types though (Hull and Infirmary). This is Salvage A & D in the code ...

These are the AI's currently assigned to Salvage units:
A Engineer / B Prophet / C Prophet / D Engineer / E Prophet

I may have set these to 'engineer' myself whilst testing them to see if AI would use the 'sacrifice for production' feature, but i dont remember not changing back (:p) Anyway that COULD be a reason, so would be fixable by changing all to 'prophet', all of the building flavors / weights / advisor types are the same (i think), the only difference between builds is actually what each does ...
@ Pad, didn't think to try with the 'scientist' AI type, but that makes more sense, especially for D - the Research lab ...
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